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Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Agents and Neighbors... We need your assistance... and we will gladly pay you for it!

Matrix Funding Group, LLC is an investment company that buys & sells single-family houses in all shapes, sizes and conditions. We purchase & sell properties using a variety of plans and programs including Lease/Purchase, Contract for Deed, Seller Financing and Cash.

Matrix Funding Group, LLC would appreciate your help! If we buy any property you tell us about, or if we sell to any friend, client or acquaintance of yours, we will send you a referral or finder's fee at closing. Depending upon the terms of the deal, you can expect to receive between $500 and $1,000 per lead!

Maybe you just stumbled upon our site by accident and have no previous knowledge of Real Estate. It does not matter. Do you know someone with an ugly house? Maybe you drive by an abandoned and boarded-up house every day on your way home from the office? We love ugly houses! The uglier, the better! Is there a house in your neighborhood that has no one living in it? Fixer-Uppers? Handyman Specials? Just give us a call!

Do you know someone who is nearing foreclosure? Are they thousands of dollars behind in their payments? We can solve those problems too. Call us, and if we buy the house, you will receive a finder's fee!

We even buy nice houses. If you know someone who needs to sell quickly, we can buy AND close quickly. Give us a call. If we negotiate and close a deal directly with the Seller, we will send you a finder's fee!

Are you a Mortgage Broker? Do you ever meet with potential clients who just cannot seem to qualify for conventional lending? Is their credit marginal? Do they have too much debt? Not enough debt? Bankruptcy? Foreclosures? We are looking for good people with not-so-good credit to fill our vacant properties. Send them our way. If we end up putting them into one of our properties, we will send you a referral fee... and we will send them back to you in 12 months for financing!

Whether you are a Mortgage Broker, Realtor, Agent... or just a Neighbor... pick up the phone and give us a call! Whether you know of a vacant house or are friends with someone who wants to buy a house... give us a call!


Call us today at (512) 794-8700 or send an email to

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